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GARY CLARK of DANNY WILSON Freefloating (1993)

Friday, 28 January 2011

AZTEC CAMERA New Live And Rare (1988)

Sco'ish weeks ahead with AZTEC CAMERA followed by some other scots.
Today it's
AZTEC CAMERA New Live And Rare (1988)
01 Somewhere In My Heart (The Alternate Mix)
02 Everybody Is A Number One (Boston '88 Version)
03 Working In A Goldmine (DJ)
04 I Threw It All Away (Live)
05 Down The Dip (Live)
06 Killermont Street (Live)
07 Pillar To Post (Live)
Well, in 1988 the tracks were probably new but the title doesn't really matter, does it?
With a fantastic Bob Dylan cover "I Threw It All Away". Honestly fantastic!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

EASTERHOUSE Come Out Fighting (1989)

The great single. Nothing more to say except to tell you that the bonus tracks are incredible!

01 Come Out Fighting
02 New World In The Morning
03 My Revolution
04 Still On The Roof

"There never was anything in my life that I just got for asking! And I never heard of anything that was won without a fight!"

Saturday, 22 January 2011

EASTERHOUSE Waiting For The Redbird (1989)

The difficult second album was even better than the first one in my opinion.
Very catchy and powerful.

01 Waiting for the Redbird
02 You're Gonna Miss It (When It's Gone)
03 Stay With Me (Death on the Dole)
04 Come Out Fighting
05 America
06 Hope and Glory
07 Say Yes
08 This Country
09 Sweatshop

"Who will protect us from our protectors?"

Saturday, 15 January 2011

THE BELOVED Unreleased Album (1987)

In the www an unreleased album of THE BELOVED is circulating.
It is called "THE UNRELEASED FLIM FLAM ALBUM" and if I'm not wrong, FLIM FLAM used to be the record company.
Unreleased for no obvious reason! And here we go anyway:

01 Loving Feeling
02 Franny
03 The Only Girl
04 Yeah Yeah Yeah
05 On The Fence
06 Please Understand
07 Steamboat Whistle Blues
08 A Happy Man
09 Good For You
10 Just One Thing

The cover art is monomodmade (©mmm).

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

THE BELOVED Blissed Out (1989) The Lost Tape Tracks

These tracks have been released on the cassette version of BLISSED OUT.
I have no idea if they were available elsewhere except for "Acid Love" that was a b-side of the 1988 single "Loving Feeling".
The numbering refers to the cd so you can simply add the tracks to your BLISSED OUT mp3-file-archive:

12 Your Love Takes Me Higher (Simply Divine)
13 Paradise (My Darling, My Angel)
14 Time After Time (Through The Round Window)
15 Don't You Worry (Timeless Dub)
16 Acid Love

Can anybody help me please...?
I'm desperately looking for the EUROVISIONARY MIX of "The Sun Rising". It used to be at least on a 3" cd single.
Thanks in advance!!!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

THE BELOVED Peel Sessions (1985)

There where times when THE BELOVED were a real band before they became the JON AND HELENA MARSH DANCE EXPERIENCE. (I still like them nonetheless!)

And in 1985 they recorded two PEEL SESSIONS:
01 The Flame
02 A Hundred Words
03 Idyll
04 A Beautiful Waste Of Time

01 So Seldom Solemn
02 In Trouble And Shame
03 Josephine
04 Up A Tree

Exactly 26 years later... Here we go!

Thursday, 6 January 2011

THE PAINTED WORD Live In Hamburg (1991)

This post is an audience recording from an acoustic set with ALAN McCUSKER-THOPMSON and the Hamburg musician BERND BEGEMANN before an audience of approx. 100 people.
The recording is interrupted during "Open Your Heart" due to the turning of the tape.

THE PAINTED WORD - Live In Hamburg, 18OCT1991, Café Schöne Aussichten
01 Youth
02 Sign O' The Times
03 Friday In The Park
04 The Story Of My Life
05 The Blues In Your Eyes
06 Universal
07 Don't Dream It's Over
08 From The Heart
09 Pacific
10 Coda
11 (Break)
12 Open Your Heart / Buffalo Stance
13 Sweet Child O' Mine
14 Love Don't Live Here Anymore / Ain't No Sunshine
15 Sex-Medley
16 Wichita Lineman
17 Der Brennende Junge
18 Don't Dream It's Over

For the most likely complete THE PAINTED WORD backcatalogue check
Fade 2 Grey

Monday, 3 January 2011

THE PAINTED WORD Demo Tracks (1991)

May 2011 bring joy and love to all of you out there in www.
THE PAINTED WORD with extremely rare demo tracks from 1991.
I bet I'm the only one to have them - for almost 20 years now!

THE PAINTED WORD - Demos (1991)
01 O Fortune
02 What Time Did To You
03 Pacific
04 My Darkest Hour
"O fortune don't leave me now..."