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LOVETRAIN Human Feelings Return (1989)

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Michael Head is one of my all-time favourite song writer who wrote the most touching, poppy, wonderful pop songs ever.
And THE PALE FOUNTAINS were incredibly inventive and different.

This is my personal Best Of THE PALE FOUNTAINS:

01 Something On My Mind
02 Unless
03 Southbound Excursion
04 Natural
05 You'll Start A War / Don't Let Your Love Start A War
06 Abergele Next Time
07 Crazier
08 Palm Of My Hand
09 Meadow Of Love
10 Thank You
11 Jean's Not Happening
12 27 Ways To Get Back Home
13 Bruised Arcade
14 These Are The Things
15 It's Only Hard
16 ...From Across The Kitchen Table
17 Hey
18 September Sting
19 Longshot For Your Love
20 The Norfolk Broads
21 We Have All The Time In The World
22 Just a Girl

Sunday, 27 March 2011

PREFAB SPROUT Steve McQueen (Disc 2 - Acoustic) 2007

...but I love PADDY McALOON for re-recording the album and releasing the acoustic version!

PREFAB SPROUT - Steve McQueen (Acoustic) (2007)
01 Appetite (Acoustic)
02 Bonny (Acoustic)
03 Desire As (Acoustic)
04 When Love Breaks Down (Acoustic)
05 Goodbye Lucille #1 (Acoustic)
06 Moving The River (Acoustic)
07 Faron Young (Acoustic)
08 When The Angels (Acoustic)

Good boy...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

PREFAB SPROUT Steve McQueen / Two Wheels Good (1985)

What more is there to say...?
An evergreen, milestone, miraculous healing of pop.
I just never understood why they renamed the cd to TWO WHEELS GOOD just because there were extra tracks on it (actually THREE). The original name was perfect.

PREFAB SPROUT - Two Wheels Good (1985)
01 Faron
02 Bonny
03 Appetite
04 When Love Breaks Down
05 Goodbye Lucille #1 (Johnny Johnny)
06 Hallelujah
07 Moving the River
08 Horsin' Around
09 Desire As
10 Blueberry Pies
11 When the Angels
12 The Yearning Loins
13 He'll Have to Go
14 Faron [Truckin' Mix]

Monday, 21 March 2011

ELECTRONIC Feel Every Beat (1991) Pt.1 & US

Kind of feel like posting a mini series of ELECTRONIC singles...
How about these two?

ELECTRONIC - Feel Every Beat (Pt.1)
01 Feel Every Beat (7' Remix)
02 Feel Every Beat (DNA Mix)
03 Second To None
04 Lean To The Inside

ELECTRONIC - Feel Every Beat (US)
01 Feel Every Beat (Single remix)
02 Feel Every Beat (Tactile mix)
03 Feel Every Beat (Downstairs mix)
04 Lean To The Inside (Instrumental)
05 Feel Every Beat (UK 12"remix)
06 Feel Every Beat (DNA remix)
07 Second To None
More from time to time...

Friday, 18 March 2011

GARBAGE Milking It (1996)

This is a collection of all b-sides of the GARBAGE single "Milk" from 1996. Very rare!
I'm sorry but I don't have the regular artwork anymore. So I uploaded a different and official Milk-artwork.

GARBAGE - Milking It (1996)
01 Kick my ass
02 Milk The wicked mix
03 Milk The classic remix
04 Milk Voder remix
05 Stupid girl Danny Saber remix
06 As heaven is wide Live
07 Stupid girl Tees radio mix
08 Milk Completely Trashed remix
09 Queer Very queer dub bin
10 Stupid girl VH1 fashion awards
11 Sleep
12 Milk Instrumental

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

ELECTRONIC Getting Away With It (1990) US

Probably the best song ever recorded by ex-members of the best bands ever existing.
Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner a.k.a. ELECTRONIC.
I was in hospital when it was about to enter the charts and really loved this song and still do.

This is the US version of the cd single "Getting Away With It".

ELECTRONIC - Getting away With It (1990)
01 Getting Away With It [Full Length Version]
02 Getting Away With It [Extended Version]
03 Getting Away With It [Instrumental]
04 Lucky Bag
05 Getting Away With It [Nude Mix]
06 Getting Away With It [Vocal Remix]
07 Lucky Bag [Miami Edit]

I am desperately looking for "Second Nature Part 1" from 1997.
Help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

GENE Stars In Their Eyes (1997)

Formed in 1987 under the name THE GO HOLE, GENE's debut single "For The Dead" was released in 1994. GENE split in 2004.
This post contains live material from various gigs. All in superb sound quality.

GENE - Stars In Their Eyes (1997)
01 Sick, Sober and Sorry
02 Haunted by You
03 A Car That Sped
04 London Can You Wait?
05 To the City
06 I Can't Help Myself
07 Olympian
08 Sleep Well Tonight
09 For the Dead
10 London Can You Wait?
11 Save Me, I'm Yours
12 Still Can't Find the Phone
13 Drawn to the Deep End
14 Left Handed
15 Be My Light, Be My Guide
16 Truth Rest Your Head
17 Sleep Well Tonight
18 London Can You Wait?
19 Sick, Sober and Sorry
20 Olympian

"Tonight we're gonna rock... but gently!"

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

THE STREETS A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004)

I bet you didn't expect to find this on THIS IS INDIE.
The first time that I ever listened to THE STREETS was far from home on BFBS radio station. I had a meeting every wednesday at 1 p.m. and I always listened to a program called The Mystery Year which was about guessing a certain year by just some headlines and some music from that very year.
The sad thing about it was that the meeting started at 1 p.m. and the radio show wouldn't tell the year before 1 p.m. which sucked really.
But on the way back I once was listening to a band I have never heard before and it felt like the radio station played two different songs at the same time.

And now enjoy
THE STREETS - A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004)
01 It Was Supposed to Be So Easy
02 Could Well Be In
03 Not Addicted
04 Blinded by the Lights
05 Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
06 Get Out of My House
07 Fit But You Know It
08 Such a Twat
09 What Is He Thinking?
10 Dry Your Eyes
11 Empty Cans

Saturday, 5 March 2011

BLONDIE Singles Collection 1977-1982

This is a very fine 2CD collection of all BLONDIE singles from 1977 to 1982 including the respective b-sides.
I was never a big fan but this collection kind of turned me into one. I was probably just too young for Parallel Lines to understand the record.

BLONDIE Singles Collection 1977-1982 CD1
01 Rip Her To Shreds
02 In The Flesh
03 X Offender
04 Denis
05 Contact In Red Square
06 Kung Fu Girls
07 (I'm always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
08 Poets Problem
09 Detroit 442
10 Picture This
11 Fade Away And Radiate
12 Hanging On The Telephone
13 Will Anything Happen?
14 Heart Of Glass
15 Rifle Range
16 Heart Of Glass (12" Version)
17 Heart Of Glass (Instrumental)
18 Sunday Girl
19 I Know But I Don't Know
20 Sunday Girl (French Version)
21 Dreaming
22 Sound Asleep
23 Union City Blues
24 Living In A Real World

BLONDIE Singles Collection 1977-1982 CD2
01 Atomic
02 Die Young Stay Pretty
03 Heroes (Live)
04 Call Me
05 Call Me (12" Version)
06 The Tide Is High
07 Suzie And Jeffrey
08 Rapture
09 Walk Like Me
10 Rapture (Special Disco Mix)
11 Live It Up (Special Disco Mix)
12 Island Of Lost Souls
13 Dragonfly
14 War Child
15 Little Cesar

"Call Me for some overtime"