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GARY CLARK of DANNY WILSON Freefloating (1993)

Friday, 26 October 2012

HELLO SUMMER Destination Dreamscape (2012)

You are listening to HELLO SUMMER, an all-girl pop rock/pop punk band from Paris, France.
HELLO SUMMER will be releasing their first EP, Sunrise Atlantic, on October 31st 2012, and they will be touring in France from October to early 2013 to promote it.
They mailed me yesterday and it is unusual of me to jump on that train so fast but I simply had to. HELLO SUMMER remind me of the wonderful unforgotten THE SUNDAYS and I actually had a lump in my throat when I first listened to them.
Merci bien, mesdames!!!!

More to follow!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DOT DASH The Past Is Another Country (2012)

...and DOT DASH is a fuckin' brilliant Rock And Roll band.
BIFF BANG POW meet THE JAM and THE RIFLES... which to me is a great mixture!
There will be a review on their new album "Winter Garden Light" in a few days!
Enjoy this poppy punk experience as much as I do!!!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

THE BRIGHTS Online shop and article

From: The Brights
Sent: 19.10.2012 13:37
Subject: Online shop and article

The 'Buy Now' button is available on the mate. Thank you for the support.

And, I thought you'd like the article attached in a national UK Sports magazine today.

Best wishes

Saturday, 20 October 2012

ORANGE JUICE The Glasgow School (2005)

"The Glasgow School" is a compilation album by ORANGE JUICE, released in 2005. It contains the band's four singles for Postcard Records, the greater part of the 1992 compilation album Ostrich Churchyard (which contained early versions of tracks that later appeared on the 1982 album You Can't Hide Your Love Forever), an alternate version of "Simply Thrilled Honey", and a cover of "I Don't Care" by the Ramones. This material was all recorded between 1978 and 1981, prior to the band signing with Polydor Records. (wikipedia)
01 Falling And Laughing
02 Moscow
03 Moscow Olympics
04 Blue Boy
05 Love Sick
06 Simply Thrilled Honey
07 Breakfast Time
08 Poor Old Soul (Part One)
09 Poor Old Soul (Part Two)
10 Louise Louise
11 Three Cheers
12 In A Nutshell
13 Satellite City
14 Consolation Prize
15 Holiday Hymn
16 Intuition Told Me (Part One)
17 Intuition Told Me (Part Two)
18 Wan Light
19 Dying Day
20 Texas Fever
21 Tender Object
22 Blokes On 45 (Unreleased Peel Session)
Cheers, Edwyn!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

THE BRIGHTS Full Colour Sound (2012) Full Album Stream

Sorry, something went wrong yesterday with the post.
One day delay...
This is the album in its entirety:
If it wasn't fall in my part of the earth I would call the album "summer pop", perfectly suitable for a beach party BUT, then again, if you live on the opposite site of the earth, this might actually be fitting!!!
So stop searching for the right music for your next party at Great Barrier Reef...
Jangle pop at its finest! And I really love the voice!!!
The difficult second album...? This one matured in a LEMON POP cask. Brilliant! One step further!!!
The opener "Don't Look Back" starts with a touch of The Lightning Seeds and of course some Pale Fountains (Trumpets) again.
"Against The Wall (Into The Wind)" - wonderful bitter sweet pop
"Grace Under Fire" - some Teenage Fanclub / Pearlfishers / Lloyd Cole meet The Smiths
Check them yourselves! It's worth every minute...
THE BRIGHTS are unique. Of course you will always get a glimpse of the bands they are influenced by but they are definitely their own kind.
Buy the album!!!!
THE BRIGHTS www here!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

THE BRIGHTS Our Teenage Years (2012)

Step one...:
Post the link to the download of "Our Teenage Years"...
Download here!

Recorded over the Spring of 2012 in rural Essex, the band collaborate once more with producer
Fraser Smith (Shed 7, Ian Brown)
, adding textures reminiscent of The Byrds, Shack and Teenage Fanclub, among others. Full Colour Sound is released on LemonpopRecords in the UK and Rimeout Recordings in Japan.

If you are a follower of THIS IS INDIE you will most likely already be a fan of THE BRIGHTS.
"Our Teenage Years" starts with a SMITHS-like guitar intro (which is of course meant as a compliment) and immediately finds its way to the typically BRIGHTS sound, very much characterized by David's unique voice. Very jangly, very catchy...

Support them!
Buy their stuff!!!

Remember: Full album stream link on THIS IS INDIE 15.Oct'12!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

LOVE AND MONEY The Devil's Debt - Delivered!

It has been delivered yesterday.

How satisfying it must be to record and release such a wonderful album.
When I first listened to it it felt like a soft cushion of sound. A long forgotten feeling.

(All you need is LOVE AND MONEY! How true!)

Monday, 1 October 2012

THE BRIGHTS Full Colour Sound (2012)

Brilliant news reached me yesterday...
THE BRIGHTS will release their 2nd album "Full Colour Sound" on 15.Oct'12.
The new single "Our Teenage Years" will be released on 8.Oct'12.

There will be a download link to the single "Our Teenage Years" the next days and a soundcloud stream link to the album in its entirety as well on the day of the album release - 15.Oct'12

The Brights - Full Colour Sound
New Single: OUR TEENAGE YEARS - 8/10/12
New Album: FULL COLOUR SOUND - 15/10/12
Out on CD and Download.

Tour Dates:
19/10/12 –THE CORNER HOUSE, Cambridge , UK
20/10/12 – THE BARFLY, London , UK
1/11/12 – CLUB ROCK AND ROLL, Nagoya , JP
2/11/12 – FLAKE RECORDS, Osaka , JP
3/11/12 – CLAPPER, Osaka , JP
4/11/12 – MARZ, Tokyo , JP