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Saturday, 6 December 2014

CAMOUFLAGE We Stroke The Flames - The Best Of Camouflage (1999)

If you like Depeche Mode - and I mean the original DM from when they were still electro - and you don't know CAMOUFLAGE, this post might be of some interest for you.

There are some similarities between CAMOUFLAGE and DM.

01 The Great Commandment
02 Jealousy
03 Sooner Than We Think
04 Handsome
05 One Finde Day (Single Version)
06 Neighbours
07 Suspicious Love (Radio Version)
08 A Picture Of Life
09 Love Is A Shield (Single Version)
10 Stranger Thoughts (Single Version)
11 Crime
12 Heaven (I Want You)
13 Waiting
14 Close (We Stroke The Flames)
15 I Once Had A Dream
16 Love Is A Shield (William Orbit Dub Mix)

Sunday, 30 November 2014

BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA Christmas Extravaganza (2008)

Ho Ho Ho!
Mr. Setzer Claus and his Red-nosed Orchestra.
This is the mp3-version of his 100 minutes concert ripped from the DVD.
It is one file only as I didn't have the time to cut the stuff. I might do one day and re-up the songs...

01 Dig That Crazy Santa Claus
02 This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof
03 Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
04 The Dirty Boogie
05 Winter Wonderland
06 Sleigh Ride
07 Santa Claus Is Back In Town
08 (Everybody's Waitin' For) The Man With The Bag
09 Caravan
10 Pipeline
11 Stray Cat Strut / You're A Mean One, Mr.Grinch
12 Jump, Jive An' Wail
13 'Zat You Santa Claus?
14 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
15 Run Rudolph Run
16 Gene & Eddie
17 Blue Christmas
18 Jingle Bell Rock
19 Rat Pack Boogie
20 Fishnet Stockings
21 Rock This Town
22 The Nutcracker Suite
23 Rumble In Brighton
24 Gettin' In The Mood
25 Jingle Bells
Have a wonderful Advent and Christmas time...

Thursday, 13 November 2014

NEW STREET ADVENTURE No Hard Feelings (2014)

"...takin' a ride on a brand new tide..."
This is a new and - let me tell you - incredible release from the boys of NEW STREET ADVENTURE.
To be honest, I was a bit afraid that they have disappeared after some wonderful White Soul EPs. And I was even more delighted, when Acid Jazz Records contacted me to give me the opportunity to listen to the new material.
All the good memories that have been there, waiting to be revived.

 The musical style is not new - but this is meant in a good way!
There have been artists there before to celebrate this kind of music but it all was lost in time, and NEW STREET ADVENTURE picked up all the appropriate and fitting little pieces and rearranged them. And what came out is an incredible collection of almost forgotten memories and feelings.
I am not a fan of writing about every song and what other artist came to my mind, because I think that bands sometimes do not agree and do not feel the same way about it. (That was what I thought when I was a singer in a band years ago.)
They don't copy other artists - they write milestones and might be somebody's heroes one day as well. And NEW STREET ADVENTURE have what it takes to become one of them.

But to give you an overall impression of what came to my mind:
I hear Curtis Mayfield, Joe Jackson, The Style Council, Burt Baccharach, The James Taylor Quartet and even some "Shaft"...

I stand in my kitchen and I am stunned.
It has been such a long time since music touched me like this new record does. And I finally feel musically home again. Like when I first listened to The Style Council back in the 80s.
When I was young and short of money, I picked my new records very, very carefully. But now, in these fast and anonymous times, most music is cheap, heartless, soulless and actually a mass product, worth not much, and not long-lasting.
But this one is a record that I definitely would have bought with the last money to spend.
And now, readers, you have the chance to buy this gem and support a highly gifted band.
Some of the songs have been released on the EPs - but in different versions. And this album is more mature and definitely worth a place in your shelf!

NEW STREET ADVENTURE No Hard Feelings (2014)

01 On Our Front Doorstep
02 Keep It Burning
03 A Little alarmed
04 Be Somebody
05 Hunted
06 No Hard Feelings
07 Foolish Once More
08 Foot In The Door
09 She's An Attraction
10 Lucky Lady
11 The Crunch
12 Say You're Lonely
13 The Big A.C.

Listen to the stream here:

Sunday, 9 November 2014

HAIRCUT ONE HUNDRED Pelican West (1982)

One Milestone in musical history. A classic recording from way back in the 80s.
Today the sound may be kind of naive but in 1982 it blew me away. And as I was just beginning to fall in love with Music, this record took me by the hand and was my companion for many years.
01 Love Plus One
02 Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
03 Lemon Firebrigade
04 Marine Boy
05 Milk Film
06 Kingsize (You're My Little Steam Whistle)
07 Fantastic Day
08 Baked Bean
09 Snow Girl
10 Love's Got Me in Triangles
11 Surprise Me Again
12 Calling Captain Autumn

Sunday, 2 November 2014

QUADROPHENIA - The Movie - 35th Anniversary

Today, 35 years ago, the movie QUADROPHENIA was released.
I can't recall the times that I watched it in the cinema. I can't recall the times that I watched in as a DVD. I still love the movie, I still love the original album...
...and did you know...?
"Monkey" was Toyah Willcox who you might know as TOYAH from the New Wave scene in the 80s.
She is still quite a beauty.
PHIL DANIELS ("Jimmy") was of course the guest vocals in "Parklife" from BLUR.
The opening scene at the cliffs (actually the final scene) and the scooter ride... "Can you see the real me?"

Thursday, 9 October 2014

THE BLUEBELLS Sisters (1984)

Yeah. One of my All-Time favourites.
THE BLUEBELLS released this one plus some singles and then it was time for a "Best Of" and a good-bye.
But the McCluskey Brothers kept on writing songs.
01 Everybody's Somebody's Fool
02 Young At Heart
03 I'm Falling
04 Will She Always Be Waiting
05 Cath
06 Red Guitars
07 Syracuse University
08 Learn To Love
09 Patriot's Game
10 South Atlantic Way

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

EDWYN COLLINS 50 Shades Of Blue (1989)

From his first solo longplayer - in my opinion the best EDWYN COLLINS single ever.
He turned 55 recently.
01 50 Shades Of Blue
02 Judas In Blue Jeans
03 Kindred Spirit
04 Just Call Her Name

Thursday, 25 September 2014

SKINNER Oran Mor 16MAY2013 Live

Thanks so much, Mike, for sending me these.
 One more live appearance from brilliant GRAHAME SKINNER.
01 Life As A Dog
02 Just Like Cindy
03 Surfer Girl
04 Yeah Yeah Yeah
05 Waiting For An Echo
06 Show Me The Door
07 TV Dream
08 Sea Shanty No 2
09 Long White Car
10 Ask The Lord
11 Broken Years
12 The Honeythief

Friday, 19 September 2014

KRAFTWERK Expo Remix (2000)

Accompanying the Expo Exhibition in the most boring town in Germany (Hannover) a not at all boring EP from KRAFTWERK was released.
The official "Expo Remixes"
Enjoy 53 minutes...
01 Orbital Mix
02 Francois K & R.Rives Mix
03 DJ Rolando Mix
04 Underground Resistance Mix
05 Ur Infiltrated Mix
06 Ur Thought 3 Mix
07 RMX1
08 RMX2
09 Radio Edit
10 RMX3

Thursday, 11 September 2014

MAX EIDER The Eider In The JBC (2001)

I love THE JAZZ BUTCHER long time and I always loved MAX EIDER and felt very sad for him when he was let down by the record company after "The Best Kisser In The World".
 I compiled the MAX EIDER songs from the various JBC records and hope you can add the file to your MAX EIDER folder wich already contains
"The Best Kisser In The World"
"Hotel Figueroa"
"Max Eider III - Back In The Bedroom" and
01 Raking up Leaves
02 Baby It's You
03 The New World
04 Who Loves You Now?
05 D.R.I.N.K
06 Down The Drain
07 I Hate Love
08 The Long Night Starts

MAX EIDER's www here

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

JOE STRUMMER Streetcore [Bonus Tracks] 2012 (remastered)

On JOE STRUMMER's 10th anniversary of his death his last record "Streetcore" was re-released with 7 Bonus tracks.
Buy the record to support his lifework and his legacy.
These are the bonus tracks and I will offer them as a download for a limited time.
The numbering refers to the original CD so can simply add the songs to your mp3-file of "Streetcore".
11 The Harder They Come (B-side to Coma Girl)
12 Rudi, A Message To You (B-side to Coma Girl)
13 Blitzkrieg Bop (B-side to Coma Girl)
14 Yalla Yalla (B-side to Coma Girl)
15 Armagideon Time (B-side to Redemption Song)
16 Pressure Drop (B-side to Redemption Song)
17 Junco Partner (From Hellcat Give 'em The Boot IV Compilation)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

THE LOTUS EATERS First Picture Of You 1998 (BBC recordings)

OK... A Re-Up as requested...
With a new DL-link...

In the Nineteen-Haties popstars had ridiculous hair cuts.
But the music still lives on.

This post is from the 1998 Vinyl Japan release

01 The First Picture of You
02 German Girl
03 Alone of All Her Sex
04 When You Look at Boys
05 Out On Your Own
06 Love Still Flows
07 You Fill Me with Need
08 Stranger So Far
09 Two Virgins Tender
10 Put Your Touch On Love
11 Can You Keep A Secret?
12 Start of the Search
13 Signature Tune

Tracks 1, 4, 8, 11 from John Peel Session 18.10.82
Tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 13 from John Peel Session 10.10.83
Track 5 In Concert 23.05.84
Track 9 Saturday Live 24.09.83
Track 10 In Concert 23.05.84
Track 12 In Concert 23.05.84

Sunday, 20 July 2014

HAVANA 3 A.M. (same) (1991)

HAVANA 3A.M. was a band formed by Paul Simonon shortly after the break-up of THE CLASH and existed from 1986-1996.
The self-titled debut was also their only longplayer and was released and recorded in 1991.
HAVANA 3 A.M was a rockabilly-latino-reggae band that split after failing to achieve success.
The cover art was made by Paul Simonon and the girl on the cover was Paul's girlfriend at that time.

01 Joyride
02 Blue Motorcycle Eyes
03 Reach The Rock
04 Death In The Afternoon
05 Hole In The Sky
06 What About Your Future
07 The Hardest Game
08 Hey Amigo
09 Life On The Line
10 Surf In The City
11 Blue Gene Vincent
12 Living In This Town

Monday, 14 July 2014

LOVE AND MONEY The Cut E.P. (1987) (Re-Post)

Re-Up with new DL-link...

These tracks should be on the "Non-Album Tracks" compilation as well but I wanted to give it a special space in the web as ist is actually very, very rare!!! (ripped from the limited promo vinyl)

The track "Rosemary" is featured as a live recording on the "Non-Album Tracks" and JAMES GRANT mentions the CUT E.P. there. So, here we go:

01 Love To Lose
02 Rocks In My Heart
03 Rosemary
04 Trash

You better enjoy it... That's what it is made for!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

LOVE AND MONEY Non-Album Tracks (Extended Re-Post)

Re-Re-Up with new DL-link.......

This is a request from Brian and a re-post extended with 5 missing b-sides and some before posted JAMES GRANT Non-Album Tracks.

01 Home Is Where The Heart Is
02 Love Is A Million Miles Away
03 She Carved Her Name
04 True Believer
05 Wanderlust 2
06 Hubcap For Blue Town
07 Set The Night On Fire
08 Desire
09 Soon
10 River Of People (Accapella)
11 Thistlekiss
12 History
13 Rosemary (Live)
14 Saint Henry
15 Blue Eyed World
16 Dreamscape Angel
17 Rust
18 Winter 89
19 Tomorrow Never Comes
20 Treasure And Treason
21 Without Her
22 Walk The Last Mile 98
23 Call Me Slim
24 Comakinder

For more JAMES GRANT Non-Album Tracks click here.
For a recently posted JAMES GRANT / LOVE AND MONEY free download-track click here.

Monday, 7 July 2014

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN Ballyhoo - The Best Of (1997)

This RE-UP with a new DL-link...

One of the most important bands ever.
Started pretty rough and found their way to perfect indie-pop.
Ian McCulloch is probably amongst the Top 10 of singers if I made up a list.
01 Rescue
02 Do It Clean
03 Villiers Terrace
04 All That Jazz
05 Over the Wall
06 A Promise
07 The Disease
08 The Back of Love
09 The Cutter
10 Never Stop
11 The Killing Moon
12 Silver
13 Seven Seas
14 Bring on the Dancing Horses
15 People Are Strange
16 The Game
17 Lips Like Sugar
18 Bedbugs & Ballyhoo
"Jazz" used to be a nickname of mine and "All that Jazz" was a phrase I often heard whenever I kept on talking about music and wouldn't stop... :-)

Sunday, 8 June 2014

GENE Let Me Move On (2004)

The brilliant grand finale single that marked the end of an era...
Planned as a 2 disc set plus a vinyl release but unfortunately CD2 and the vinyl single actually never materialized.
BUT there is a promo copy of CD2 circulating in the www and you now have the chance in a lifetime to download this super rarity...
I bundled all songs from the single:

01 Let Me Move On (special U.S. Radio edit)
02 If I'm A Friend
03 Left For Dust
04 Baby I'm Sorry
04 With Love In Mind
06 Let Me Move On (Long Version)

Sunday, 18 May 2014

FRED PERRY (Frederick John Perry) Was Born 105 Years Ago

and for your listening pleasure a repeated link to a SPECIALS appearance at the 100Club in cooperation with FRED PERRY...
Check here!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

THE B-52S - 35th Anniversary Of Their Debut (1979)

35 years ago THE B-52s rocked the world with "Planet Claire", "Dance This Mess Around" and "Rock Lobster".
Today for you, this is my best of...:

01 Party Out Of Bounds
02 Devil In My Car
03 Dirty Back Road
04 6060-842
05 Wig
06 Dance This Mess Around
07 Rock Lobster
08 Strobe Light
09 Give Me Back My Man
10 Song For A Future Generation
11 Planet Claire
12 52 Girls
13 Private Idaho
14 Quiche Lorraine
15 Mesopotamia
16 Summer Of Love
17 Channel Z
18 Deadbeat Club
19 Love Shack
20 Roam
21 Good Stuff
22 Is That You Mo-Dean?
23 Debbie
24 Hallucinating Pluto
25 Tell It Like It T-I-Is 

Friday, 18 April 2014

SHACK Not Afraid Of Loving You (2003)

For Rediffusion!

...from their single "Byrds Turn To Stone"...
as I mentioned before:
Michael's bonus tracks are better than other bands' singles...!!!!!!

SHACK Natalie's Party (1999)

...and I like the things we do...
Head for the beach, head for the sea...

01 Natalie's Party
02 Flannery
03 Extra Extra
04 Too Late For Me Now
05 Miss. Christine
06 Natalie's Party (Youth's Radio Mix)

Michael Head is so incredibly gifted. His bonus tracks are better than other groups' singles...

Saturday, 22 March 2014

PROPAGANDA P:Machinery (1985) Mixes

This song is highly addictive...
I always find myself desperately waiting for the "synthie-trumpets explosion"-chorus...
Now you get 12 mixes for your listening pleasure.
01 P-Machinery (Album version)
02 P-Machinery (Intro)
03 P-Machinery (Passive) [Original 7' Mix]
04 P-Machinery (Polish) [Original 12' Mix]
05 P-Machinery (12 Inch)
06 P-Machinery (Adventurous Edit)
07 P-Machinery (The Adventure Continues)
08 P-Machinery (Extended Mix)
09 P-Machinery (Dub Orchestral Remix)
10 P-Machinery (Machined)
11 P-Machinery & Dr. Mabuse (Minimix)
12 P-Machinery (The Beta Wraparound - Reprise)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Today, 3 years ago at 0747 hrs CET a Tsunami caused the MCA in Fukushima.



Kraftwerk www here
01 Geigerzähler
02 Radioaktivität
03 Radioland
04 Ätherwellen
05 Sendepause
06 Nachrichten
07 Die Stimme Der Energie
08 Antenne
09 Radio Sterne
10 Uran
11 Transistor
12 Ohm Sweet Ohm

Sunday, 16 February 2014

THE BELOVED Your Love Takes Me Higher

Updated 16FEB2014 with 3 new mixes. Thanks to Don!
THE BELOVED Your Love Takes Me Higher
01 Your Love Takes Me Higher
02 7''Mix
03 Deep Joy
04 Divinely Simple
05 Simply Divine
06 Rise Up Higher
07 Calyx Of Isis
08 Chillum Willum
09 Depth & Desire
10 The Pod Went Pop Mix
11 Demo 1988

If you have more mixes, please let me know!
OK, any more requests? :-)

Friday, 7 February 2014

THE BELOVED Hello (1990)

This is a request from Rediffusion... for everybody.
01 Single Mix
02 Honky Tonk Mix
03 Uncle Arthur
04 'ello 'ello Mix
05 What's All This Then Mix
06 Boys And Girls
07 Godfrey's Tonic Mix
08 Dolly
"Your Love Takes Me Higher" coming soon.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

THE BELOVED The Sun Rising - Extended Re-Re-Post

I recently found a new mix that was released on "Single File" in 1997 already but unnoticed from me as I was not collecting the mixes then.
It is 11:52 minutes long. The longes version at the moment but who knows...?
So this is the new collection:
01 Original Mix
02 Radio One Mix
03 Eurovisionary (4.52)
04 Eurovisionary (3.37)
05 Danny's Love Is Mix
06 Mark's Deep House Mix (9.51)
07 Mark's Deep House Mix (11.51)
08 Tom's Drum & Bass Mix (8.50)
09 Tom's Drum & Bass Mix (9.02)
10 Deep Breath Vocal Mix (6.52)
11 Deep Breath Vocal Mix (7.39)
12 Deep Breath Vocal Mix (11.52)
13 Deep Breath Dub
14 Norty's Vocal Mix
15 Norty's Spago Mix
16 Back to the Future
17 Deeply Satisfying
18 Zanzibar Has Risen
19 Rising Mix
20 Mood Mix
21 Adam & Eve's House Of The Rising Sun
22 Gentle Night
23 Ilsolesorge
2hrs 33min

Sunday, 19 January 2014

BABYBIRD The End Is Here - Recorded Live 11FEB2012 at Leicester Square Theatre

This is the mp3-version of the DVD "The End Is Here" by BABYBIRD - The final live performance, recorded on 11 February 2012 at the Leicester Square Theatre in London.

01 The Life
02 Can't Love You Anymore
03 Failed Suicide Club
05 Out Of Sight
06 Goodnight
07 Like Them
08 Drug Time
09 I Love Her
10 Back Together
11 Unloveable
12 Bad Old Man
13 Send Me Back My Dreams
14 If You'll Be Mine
15 The Way You Are
16 Take Me Back
17 Black Flowers
18 Dead Bird Sings
19 Corner Shop
20 You're Gorgeous

some links: