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KRAFTWERK Computer Sinfonien - Live In Karlsruhe 1997

THE CURE Standing On A Beach - The B-Sides (1986)

UNDERWORLD Underneath The Radar (1988)

THE LOTUS EATERS First Picture Of You 1998 (BBC recordings)

SUPERPUNK Einmal Superpunk, Bitte! (2004)

Friday, 29 December 2017

JOHNNY HATES JAZZ Turn Back The Clock (1987)

OK, a bit off topic, as this is NOT INDIE at all... It's simply wonderful mainstream pop and made my days back in the 80s.
I still love the singles and my preferred local radio station plays them frequently - just like a few minutes ago.
01 Shattered Dreams
02 Heart of Gold
03 Turn Back the Clock
04 Don't Say It's Love
05 What Other Reason
06 I Don't Want to Be a Hero
07 Listen
08 Different Seasons
09 Don't Let It End This Way
10 Foolish Heart
11 Heart of Gold (J. Mendelsohn Mix)
12 Turn Back the Clock (J. Mendelsohn Mix)
13 I Don't Want to Be a Hero (Extended Mix)
I wish you all the best for 2018! Stay safe, stay cool! And peace!

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

CHILDHOOD Universal High (2017)

Today I stumbled over CHILDHOOD by pure accident and it got me in a minute.
Good god... The voice reminds me of young Paddy McAloon, the music is in parts as well Prefab Sprout, The Dream Academy and Funk influenced Northern Soul.
I hear Paul Weller, Lenny Kravitz, The James Taylor Quartet... Brilliant!

"Universal High" is the second long player from the boys from Nottingham and I just mailed them to get their permission to offer something as a download. So stay tuned.
I will keep you updated here.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

ANDY PAWLAK Sasquatches And Synthesizers (2017)

ANDY PAWLAK finished his new album and it will be available as a download on
iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and other download services from
1st December 2017!!!
Buy it here!!!!!
It's influenced by Ólafur Arnalds and Nils Frahm.

There is a YouTube channel to promote the album here.

Check Andy's website here.

I know, a lot of you waited very patiently and now it's time for your reward.
I already wrote a bit about the album in an earlier post.
The album is calm and very emotional. Stories being told and full of love.
I took the cover picture in February this year. No photo shopping or else. Just cropping and labeling. The colours are like the cold winter morning actually was.

ANDY PAWLAK Sasquatches And Synthesizers (2017)
01 Stoneridge
02 Here for a reason
03 Between breaths
04 Lublin
05 Son
06 Sasquatches and Synthesizers
07 Clover
08 September

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

MORRISSEY Spent The Day In Bed (2017)

...from his forthcoming album "Low In High School" out November,17

Monday, 11 September 2017

THE JAZZ BUTCHER Big Questions - The Gift Of Music Vol.2 (1987)

This is a request from Marc Pop.
The Butcher is a very nice guy and he supported us on our record and on our tour years ago.
You better enjoy this or Mr.Fish comes visiting you.

THE JAZZ BUTCHER Big Questions - The Gift Of Music (1987)
01 The Human Jungle
02 Hard
03 Death Dentist
04 South America
05 Groovin' In The Bus Lane
06 Mersey
07 Conspiracy
08 Thing
09 Peter Lorre
10 Vienna Song
11 Olof Palme
12 Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back
13 City Of Night
14 The Hairbrush And The Tank
15 Big Old Wind
16 Forever

Friday, 8 September 2017

THE BLOW MONKEYS Crying For The Moon (2017)

My song of the day...
from their forthcoming album "The Wild River" to be released on 06OCT2017.
Download here.

Monday, 14 August 2017

NICK HEYWARD Best Of 1983-1998 Part Two

...and part two...
A bit more 90's and mature and self confident... Simply wonderful.

NICK HEYWARD Best Of 1983-1998 CD2
01 He doesn't love you like I do
02 Into your Life
03 Caravan
04 Ordinary People
05 How do you live without Sunshine
06 All I want you to know
07 Woman in Love
08 The World
09 I love the thing you know I don't know
10 Rollerblade
11 London
12 In every Place
13 My heavy Head
14 The Chelsea Sky
15 The Man you used to be

...and now support NICK HEYWARD and buy his wonderful album.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

NICK HEYWARD Best Of 1983-1998 Part One

Two days ago I received my limited and signed copy of NICK HEYWARD's "Woodland Echoes" 2CD edition.
I was one of the pledgers and my number is 115 / 1500.
And as a little retrospect I offer my Best Of NICK HEYWARD to you now...

NICK HEYWARD Best Of 1983-1998 CD1
01 When it started to begin
02 Whistle down the wind
03 Take that situation
04 The day it rained forever
05 Atlantic Monday
06 Over the weekend
07 Again in my heart
08 Now you've gone
09 Teach till you reach
10 Love all day
11 You're my world
12 Traffic in Fleet Street
13 Tell me why
14 August in the morning
15 Kite

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

GARY CLARK of DANNY WILSON Freefloating (1993)

After the split of DANNY WILSON, the singer GARY CLARK recorded a wonderful CD.
One single release was "Freefloating" which was available a a double CD set.
For you part one and two here:

GARY CLARK Freefloating CD1 (1993)
01 Freefloating
02 A Red Rickenbacker GuitarGuitar/Where Will I Live (Demo)
03 Jesus, Do You Wonder Why? (Rough Mix)
04 House Of Joy (Demo)

GARY CLARK Freefloating CD2 (1993)
01 Freefloating
02 Stay Crazy
03 The Minute You Let Him Down
04 Guran-Damn-Tee

Summer holidays ahead!!!!!!!

Friday, 23 June 2017


In March, just before his 60th birthday, which was recently on 7th June this year, PADDY McALOON released a new song called "America". Played live and acoustic.
Happy birthday afterwards, Paddy Joe!

Monday, 24 April 2017


SAM CORRY of THE RIVER DETECTIVES recorded this wonderful song and lives in New Zealand now.
He mentioned working on a new album and I will try to get hold of more.

I may die before my time
I could live till I'm ninety nine
I need your love to comfort me
Though my heart will always be
across the wild Caledonian sea.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

NICK HEYWARD Woodland Echoes (2017)

NICK HEYWARD needs your support to release his new album.
Follow the link to pre-order "Woodland Echoes" on ltd edition formats.

His new album is now available for pre-order on signed CD, deluxe signed media book CD and on signed vinyl, also comes alongside other unique items including official NICK HEYWARD tea and Nick's own guitar!
You'll also have the opportunity to attend an intimate listening party where you can meet Nick, and by pre-ordering you'll gain access to updates from Nick, bonus content,video clips and much more.

Click here!

Monday, 27 March 2017

NEW STREET ADVENTURE Stubborn Sons (2017)

On 24.March the new CD of NEW STREET ADVENTURE "Stubborn Sons" was released.
And man... It caught me almost unprepared.
I expected a brass section that I loved so much on "No Hard Feelings" but the guys from NEW STREET ADVENTURE go their own way. There are massive organ swoops and brilliant guitars and a driving powerful bass.
"Stubborn Sons" is 1 part Motown Soul (The Temptations, Otis Redding) and 1 part Paul Weller Funk.
In other words "the songs Weller missed to write before losing his mind in 2008".
My favourite one is "If I Had You Back In My Life" - perfekt Spring sing along powerful good mood Funk. The Temptations... Get ready...ready!!!!
Thanks so much mates!!!

And on 24.May it will be the wonderful Mojo Club in Hamburg again.

Monday, 13 February 2017

ANDY PAWLAK Sasquatches And Synthesizers

Hello readers.
The great ANDY PAWLAK is working on a new album.
It will be called "Sasquatches And Synthesizers" - and it's gonna be a wonderful work of art,mainly with piano and strings.
I had the honour to contribute the artwork. What do you think?
The album is still in progress and will be available on iTunes and similar services this year.
...the first seven songs are finished... (12June2017) and number five to seven are songs with vocals! Finally Andy is going to sing again. And I hate to keep it for myself because it is so wonderful but I have to!
Read this on Andy's blog... here
Cheers, the monomod

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

TALK TALK Introducing... (2003)

This is a very rare compilation from TALK TALK.
I collected the songs from my archive so it is not actually from the original CD - but it is the same compilation of songs and versions.
Most TALK TALK compilations are uninspired - this is not! It features different songs and offers a different approach. So it actually is some kind of "Best Of..."
The compiler knew what he was doing and he obviously was "TALK TALK-savvy".

01 Have You Heard the News
02 Candy
03 Renee
04 Tomorrow Started
05 Call In The Night Boys (Piano Version)
06 For What It's Worth
07 Happiness Is Easy
08 April 5th
09 It's Getting Late In The Evening
10 Desire
11 John Cope
12 I Believe In You

Website of James Marsh Art & Design - The artist behind the TALK TALK album artwork... here

Sunday, 22 January 2017

UNDERWORLD Underneath The Radar (1988)

Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory!!!

One of my favourite albums in 1988.
Before Karl Hyde and Rick Smith formed UNDERWORLD, they were FREUR and had a hit with "Doot Doot".
01 Glory! Glory!
02 Call Me No.1
03 Rubber Ball (Space Kitchen)
04 Show Some Emotion
05 Underneath The Radar
06 Miracle Party
08 I Need a Doctor
09 Bright White Flame
10 Pray
11 The God Song

Did you know?
The Morse code in the beginning of the song "Underneath The Radar" reads "Think global, act local".

Sunday, 1 January 2017

SKINNER Live on Radio BBC Scotland (2016)

Happy new year!!!

My mate Mike sent me this recently.
It's a brilliant soundboard recording for Radio BBC Scotland including a wonderful interview.
As a big HIPSWAY fan I started with "Long White Car" and "Ask The Lord" and it is woah woah perfect quality.

Download and enjoy

01 Watertown
02 Surfer Girl
03 Life As A Dog
04 Interview
05 Elisabeth
06 Sea Shanty No.2
07 Show Me The Door
08 Sixteen Reasons
09 Ask The Lord
10 Long White Car
11 Poor Old Soul